Future homes will create an entire energy supply

Construction Quick Tip:

Housing and energy experts call the goal 'net zero'. It represents the amount of energy that future homes will tap from public utilities. That amount is none.

"Due to premium construction efficiency and generating abilities, experiments are already proving it can be done," says Todd Blyth at Nudura, a leading manufacturer of advanced concrete wall forms. "The first 'net-zero' school is opening this year in Lexington, Kentucky.

"Even now, the individual materials you choose can make a big difference to the overall efficiency," Blyth continued. "If you want the highest performance, be sure to pay close attention to decisions for the walls, windows, roofing, ventilation and indoor climate control. Those features in particular assist in the goal to completely offset energy consumption."

The top-tier Nudura walls are a case in point, where interlocking concrete forms are replacing the traditional wood frame method.

"The system," explains Blyth, "consists of pre-assembled panels, each one stacked, reinforced, and then filled with concrete. Once locked together (like Lego) the system creates a solid, monolithic wall reported to be up to nine times stronger, with far more fire protection and with far more sound insulation."

This feature-alongside solar generation, geothermal heating, cooling plus the use of natural light- are just a few of the net-zero features on a very close horizon. More details are available online at www.nudura.com.