Choose the greenest construction features

Building a home from the ground up gives each one of us a chance to create the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly house of our lifetimes-and doing so is not as hard as it sounds.

Leading manufacturer in this field, Nudura, suggests choosing materials at the outset that cannot be easily changed, such as high efficiency windows, ceiling technology and improved floor insulation.

The building envelope of a home is the key to achieving maximum energy efficiency, while other products can be chosen to make the home to make it perform even better.

"Start with the latest technology in walls, solar power, water management, drainage, windows, siding, heating/cooling, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, and outdoor irrigation just as a start, " says Todd Blyth, marketing manager at Nudura. .

"Homeowners should consider the 'integrated design', where each component of the house is planned in advance with collective sustainability objectives," he suggests. "This will guarantee top performance by the entire structure. For those who want to take green building to the next level, builders, architects and homeowners can refer to the LEED program.

"Wood framing is yesterday's way to build," Blyth continued. "Concrete on the other hand, saves the forest, eliminates toxicity, and delivers superior structural, environmental, and human health benefits. Nudura walls are pre-assembled forms, each one stacked, reinforced, and then filled with concrete. Once locked together (like Lego) the system creates a solid, monolithic wall. This innovation has shown to deliver energy savings of up to 70 percent and delivers a building envelope up to three times more sound resistant, four times more fire resistant, and nine times stronger. More information is available online at .