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Pictured left to right: seated on the podium at Ebenezer  Baptist Church at the M L King Birthday Observance are Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference;  Dr. Christine King Farris, vice chair/treasurer of the Board of Trustees of The King Center and sister of Dr. King;  Ms. Elizabeth Omilami, director of Hosea Feed the Hungry and daughter of Hosea Williams;  Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center and daughter of Dr. King (at the podium);  Mr. John Lee,  president, Korea, USA Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Lisa Rhodes, dean of Sisterís Chapel, director of the Sister Center of Wisdom Spelman College; and Dr. Joseph M. Ripley, pastor of  The Body of Christ International, USA (who presented the invocation).

Photo provided courtesy of First Kingdom Management -- all rights reserved.Photographer-- Caselove, LLC

Road Sign: Travelers, to detailed story on this event and 2013 year long commemoration of  "I Have a Dream" speech.




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