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“The Political Process and Black Liberation” by Samuel DuBois Cook


An excerpt from “The Political Process and Black Liberation”

“In order to achieve the full dimensions of selfhood in terms of both citizenship and humanity as well as to achieve liberation, black Americans must become intensely, comprehensively, sophisticatedly, and continually political. They must think and act in the context of political things and actors. Involved is the classical notion of politics—as a way to culture and history, a process of social change, and stability and a necessary means to black liberation. Blacks may not agree with Aristotle and St. Thomas that man is by nature a political animal, but wisdom and pragmatic necessity affirm the proposition that, by the dictates of history, experience, and aspiration, black men and women must become political animals, deeply involved in the political process and structure. For the political system is the center, source, and agency of commanding power, influence, symbolic meaning, and decision-making. That is where much of the ‘action’ is and is destined to be, with all its awesome consequences, through action and inaction, for all Americans.”

            To BLACK PAPER  – “The Political Process and Liberation” by Samuel DuBois Cook



“Talking Sense about Crime” by Charles Morgan, Jr.


An excerpt from “Talking Sense about Crime”

            “Black and white liberal leadership must also move forcefully to end the condonation of crime. To understand crime is one thing, to justify it quite another. To publicly and privately argue that particular criminal acts are effectively justified by centuries of repression is an especially dangerous and politically disastrous part of the New Paternalism…”


            To BLACK PAPER – “Talking Sense about Crime” by Charles Morgan, Jr



 “Reparations as a Method of Achieving Economic Parity” by Robert S. Browne

An excerpt from "Reparations as a Method of Achieving Economic Parity"

 “Historically, the black community has been left out, either deliberately or inadvertently, from the planning process which ahs helped to shape American society. We have been omitted individually, in the sense that black persons have not customarily been appointed to the boards and commissions which play the major role in influencing the configuration of this country. And we have been omitted as a people in that our interests have generally not been recognized as a legitimate factor to be afforded explicit consideration when major national policies were being formulated.”

To Black Paper - "Reparations as a Method of Achieving Economic Parity" by Robert S. Browne


Discussion Transcript on "When the Marching Stopped"

Excerpt from "Discussion " of When the Marching Stopped"

Dr. [Samuel DuBois] Cook: I feel that you’ve got to be a little more careful about full employment. What kind of employment? Is it employment as a maid, a butler, as a migrant worker, and so forth? In addition, you know, you’ve got to have something to realize an income. This means not only employment—this means employment plus—like some guaranteed income and so forth. So, I think you’ve got to be a little careful about the definition of full employment. What you really man is the creation of the conditions wherein individuals have a minimum of subsistence. Thus, what form, kind, and quality of employment?


To BLACK PAPER – Discussion Transcript of “When the Marching Stopped”.








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