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Tower of Leadership” Award Presented to Famed Alumnae, Anita Ward of "Ring My Bell" Fame


 Rust College president Dr. David L.Beckley (left), with the assistance of Dr. Paul C. Lampley, presented the Tower of Leadership Award to Mrs. Anita Ward during the 147th Founders’ Convocation of Rust College.) PHOTO CREDIT: Picture This Photography/Deuntral Mosley

HOLLY SPRINGS, MS – Rust College president Dr. David L. Beckley, with the assistance of Dr. Paul C. Lampley, Vice President for Academic Affairs, presented the Rust College Tower of Leadership Award to famed alumnae Anita Ward. Mrs. Ward was the guest speaker for the 147th Founders’ Convocation held on campus November 10, 2013. 


Anita Ward graduated from Rust College in 1978. She received her big break when she caught the attention of the former Rust College A’Cappella Choir director Lassaye Holmes, and her husband Charles. She was discovered at age 22 and went on to record the hit disco hit, “Ring My Bell,” which is still utilized on soundtracks today. The hit heard as recently as 2010, in “The Book of Eli,” starring Denzel Washington.


Mrs. Ward was presented the Tower of Leadership due to her outstanding leadership and dedication, not only in the entertainment industry, but in the educational field as well. Mrs. Ward is a full-time wife and mother, who still enjoys a passion for teaching.