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Five Healing Recipes in "Deliciously Holistic" by  Shelley Alexander - posted July 9, 2013

Whoopi Goldberg to produce Lifetime movie based on Terry McMillan's  novel - posted July 2, 2013

"Funny Water and Bob" by Jack Risin - Posted June 28, 2013

"Mobile Marketing ... The Fifth Wave "-  A Book Review by Angela Watkins  - posted May 20, 2013

 "Book Explores Google World for Small Businesses" - a review by Angela Watkins


Patrice Gaines' Writing Memoir Workshop in Decatur, Georgia

"Writing a New Book? Here Are the Tools" by Michael Levin -

"An Angry Ass Black Woman"  by Karen E. Quinones Miller

One More Attempt at Denial, Before the Fight Starts! commentary by Jay Thomas Willis on  Matt Bissonnette's account of Navy SEALS' killing of Osama bin Laden

BIHMST Correspondent Jaunette Mays interviews  Carrie Silver-Stock, author of "Secrets Girls Keep"

Tony La Russa at Square Books

Marisa Baggett signs "Sushi Secrets"