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"Dream A World Anew" - posted  on September 9, 2016

"Warning Order" by author Joshua Hood - posted August 9, 2016

“The Pursuit of Wisdom” by author Dean Chavooshian  -  posted June 30, 2016

"The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry" a Book Review - posted February 12, 2016

"Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide" by Joy-Ann Reid - posted December 11, 2015

Buffalo Soldiers: South of the Rio Grande - a Book Review posted September 18, 2015

A Book Review of “Importing Democracy: The Role of NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan & Argentina” by Julie Fisher (Publisher: Kettering Foundation Press) - posted July 20, 2015

"Importing Democracy" book review in PDF

A Review of "Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, The First Lady of the Black Press" by author James McGrath Morris - posted February 15, 2015

Review of  "Emissary: Legends of the Realm" by author  Thomas Locke - posted January 15, 2015

"The Woman Who Threw Gasoline on the Yellow Jackets" by author Eleanor  Fritz - posted October 21, 2014 - Review by Arelya J. Mitchell

"Duty: Memoirs by a Secretary at War" by Robert Gates -  A Book Review by Arelya J. Mitchell -posted April 22, 2014

"Funny Water and Bob" by Jack Risin - Posted June 28, 2013

"Mobile Marketing ... The Fifth Wave "-  A Book Review by Angela Watkins  - posted May 20, 2013

A review of  "Consort of the Female Pharaoh"

 "Book Explores Google World for Small Businesses" - a review by Angela Watkins

"A Mission from God: A Memoir and Challenge for America" by James Meredith

"Let It Go" by Bishop T. D. Jakes

"Judeochristianity: The Meaning and Discovery if Faith" by Dr. Charles "Carlos" Gourgey

"In the House of the Interpreter: A Memoir" by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

"Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza

"Advance Your Swagger"


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