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Passion Fruit Punch




Passion Fruit Punch

1 1/3 cups passion fruit pulp & seeds

1 1/3 cups pineapple juice

˝ cup lime juice

1 cup grape juice

1 1/3 cups water

1 ˝ cups sugar

1 quart ginger ale

Cut passion fruit in half and scoop out pulp and seeds. Mix ingredients together in punch bowl, and serve on top of ice.

Passion Fruit also called  Granadilla or Maracudja

            This small round tropical fruit is called Passion Fruit because it was thought to provide a symbol for the passion of Jesus Christ. Different parts of the fruit’s bloom represent the nails, wounds, crown of thorns, and apostles during the Crucifixion.

            Mainly, there are two sizes – the giant granadilla, the larger is much like most melons with an inch to an inch-and one-half rim of pulp and the seeds inside. In smaller varieties the seeds are dispersed throughout the pulp, making them more of a problem to remove.

            When ripe, the fruit is a dusty brown color, wrinkled, with a papery skin. It looks like a ball of corrugated cardboard after a rainstorm.

            The juice from Passion Fruit, containing Vitamin A and vitamin C is most often used as a flavoring for drinks and ices. The pulp, high in fiber, is popular for purees. The low sodium content of Passion Fruit is also a plus.

Description from Try-Foods International Inc.