Welcome, Travelers, to the country music lane on the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE...Welcome, Travelers, to the 21st Century Underground Railroad...Yes, to all... calling attention to those Africa Americans who like country music and honoring such Black country singers as Charley Pride, O.B. McClinton and other Blacks who desire to sing 'country', a cousin of the blues...Welcome, Travelers...Subscribe FREE to the BIHMST Channel on YouTube...


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Yes, Travelers, contrary to stereotype, African Americans like country music, too. Just check out the works of  Ray Charles, O.B. McClinton, and Charley Pride.  After all, blues and country music are first cousins, wouldn't you say? Black country stars, we welcome your stories! E-mail info to BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net or MSTEntertainment@prodigy.net 


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