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Democratic Convention  Speech:

The Honorable Robert Wexler

CHARLOTTE, Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of a speech, as prepared for delivery, by The Honorable Robert Wexler at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, September 4, 2012:

Four years ago, I stood at the convention podium in Denver affirming Barack Obama's heartfelt, steadfast commitment to the state of Israel.

Over the past four years, the president has proven this commitment time and again, in both word and deed. And the Democratic platform reflects the president's unflinching commitment to Israel's security and future as a Jewish state.

To strengthen Israel's qualitative military advantage, the president has increased security assistance to Israel to record levels-- more than any other president.

When he visited Sderot in 2008—an Israeli town along the Gaza border besieged by constant rocket attacks, President Obama saw for himself the toll terrorism takes on Israelis. And that's why he secured the funds to deploy the iron dome anti-rocket defense system which has already saved countless Israeli lives.

And under President Obama, the U.S. and Israel are firmly committed to stopping one of the gravest threats to international security: Iran's quest for nuclear weapons. The president has explicitly stated that an Iranian nuclear weapon is "unacceptable" And that He will mobilize all instruments of U.S. power-- economic, diplomatic, Intelligence, And military-- to prevent, not contain, a nuclear Iran.

Due to the president's strong leadership, Iran is more isolated than ever.

He has marshaled the international community to impose the most crippling sanctions in history.

Iran's oil exports have plummeted and its currency value has been slashed in half.

Not only has he stood up to Iran, President Obama Also has bravely Stood up for Israel In the international community.

When the anti-Israel goldstone report was released, Questioning Israel's right to self-defense, President Obama challenged it.

When the U.N. held the Israel-bashing Durban conference, President Obama Led an international boycott of it.

When a violent Egyptian mob stormed the Israeli embassy In Cairo, it was President Obama Who intervened to ensure the safety Of the Israelis Trapped inside.

In the wake Of the Gaza flotilla, President Obama's support for Israel never waned.

Now, the president's opponents have been busy distorting his record.

Last week, Mitt Romney claimed that the president has thrown Israel "under the bus."

Perhaps Mr. Romney should listen to those who know best-- Israel's leaders.

Listen to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has thanked president Obama For "unprecedented" security cooperation and for wearing His support For the Jewish state as a "badge of honor."

Listen to Defense minister Ehud Barak Who has repeatedly declared that president Obama Has done more for Israeli security than any U.S. president He can remember.

And listen to Israel's beloved president, Shimon Peres, Who recently said,

"Mr. President, You have pledged a lasting friendship For Israel.

You stated that Israel's security is 'sacrosanct' for you.

So you pledged.

So you act.

So you're acting.

As a great leader, as a genuine friend."

Now is the time to continue the strong us-Israel relationship.

Now is the time to stand with Israel As it works toward peace and security... Toward two states, a secure Israel Living side by side with an independent, Non-militarized Palestinian state.

Now is the time to support Israel As a thriving, Democratic, and secure homeland for the Jewish people by re-electing Barack Obama As president of the United States.






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