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    Note to Travelers: Below is the original press release for "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till."




New York – Sept. 29th, 2005 -- THINKFilm and Filmmaker Keith Beauchamp have agreed to allocate a portion of the box office revenue of Beauchamp’s groundbreaking film, THE UNTOLD STORY OF EMMETT LOUIS TILL, to the immediate needs of the New Orleans relief effort.  Beauchamp, a Baton Rouge native, was recently recognized by Southern University at New Orleans, the New Orleans City council and Mayor Ray Nagin on March 17th, 2005.  Since the catastrophe in Louisiana earlier this month, Beauchamp’s mother, Ceola J. Beauchamp, and the Baton Rouge Delta Sigma Theta Chapters have set up distribution points to provide, clothing, food and other amenities. Select proceeds from the October 14th national expansion, which is Chicago (Till’s hometown), Washington DC, Atlanta, Memphis, and the Boroughs of New York City will be provided to Baton Rouge Delta Sigma Theta and Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.


“My mother has always instilled in me the importance of helping those who cannot help themselves, just as in the Emmett Till case; Emmett could not speak for himself, and he was denied justice. I felt it was my obligation as a young person in this country to make sure that this case was reopened. The Creator has now directed me once again to do all that I can for those in need. Just as the covers of racism were pulled from the face of Emmett Till, it has now been pulled from the city of New Orleans.”


In conjunction with the October 14th rollout, THINKFilm is working with Consultant Rodney Sampson to oversee and execute the grassroots marketing campaign for the faith- based and community organizations.  “THE UNTOLD STORY OF EMMETT LOUIS TILL serves as a major link between past injustices and current opportunities for creating legitimate dialogue and resolve between the races in America,” says Sampson.  “To that end, the recent decision by THINKFilm and Keith to donate a portion of the theatrical proceeds to Katrina relief is not just honorable, but strategic and divine.  Our timing is impeccable.”

“The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International is excited to partner with Keith Beauchamp and THINKFilm on its upcoming theatrical release of THE UNTOLD STORY OF EMMETT LOUIS TILL.  As Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, many of our churches, including our international headquarters located in New Orleans, LA, and was completely destroyed, says Bishop Joseph Simmons.  “As we transition towards the future redevelopment of our churches and the families they served, we are pleased to lend our endorsement and support of this monumental movie release.  We encourage all 2,000 of our fellowship churches, members and covenant partners to join us in making this hallmark documentary a great success.  In addition, we would like to encourage all other fellowships, denominations and churches to take this opportunity to expose their congregations and constituents to a story that ultimately shifted the future of Blacks in America.”    



Beauchamp’s Award-winning documentary, THE UNTOLD STORY OF EMMETT LOUIS TILL, is a culmination of a 10-year effort to uncover the details behind the nightmarish murder story and has led to a national effort to re-open the case and investigate new evidence and witnesses to the murder. The film opened exclusively in New York City in August to rave reviews including New York Magazine called the film "The most important documentary of the year and an essential tale of what it means to be an American."

THINKFilm won its first Best Documentary Academy Award with last year's BORN INTO BROTHELS and also received nominations for THE STORY OF THE WEEPING CAMEL and SPELLBOUND. The company has qualified THE UNTOLD STORY OF EMMETT LOUIS TILL for Academy Award consideration this year.

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