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Supreme Court Falters in Defense of Constitution 

The MidSouth Tea Party Will Not Rest until Obamacare is Fully Repealed

MEMPHIS, TN  – The Midsouth Tea Party, one of the foremost conservative organizations in the MidSouth, today [June 28, 2012] criticized the decision by the Supreme Court to find President Obama’s healthcare bill constitutional.

"Yesterday, the highest court in the land failed to defend liberty and the Constitution, becoming an accomplice to the President and his allies who have forced this unconstitutional and unwanted law down the throats of freedom-loving Americans," said Mark Herr of The MidSouth Tea Party. "For more than two years, The MidSouth Tea Party has consistently rejected the law’s premise—that Americans can be forced to buy anything—by demanding answers at congressional district hearings, organizing health care-driven issue debates and policy forums, and challenging the constitutionally of Obamacare at every step. Healthcare needs to be reformed, not assaulted along with the Constitution by a power-hungry President and Congress. Yesterday’s ruling stands against American families who want the freedom to choose the best health care options – without government telling them what to do.

"We must and will go back to Congress now and demand repeal, holding every member accountable to the majority of the American people. The President, Congress and now the Supreme Court have shown that they do not have the best interests of the American people at heart. This unconstitutional and grievous violation of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets demands that the entire legislation be repealed, and we will work tirelessly until it is.

"The MidSouth Tea Party believes the only meaningful solutions to the nation’s health care problems are innovative market-based reforms created within the 50 states, not this one-size-doesn’t-fit-all big-government disaster cooked up by Washington politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats.

"You can't fix unconstitutional. We must repeal the entire law and turn this back over to the states where it market-based solutions can be implemented. We can't trust this President or Congress to fix health care.

"If Congress fails to repeal, they will face the same stark consequences they did in 2010."


Travelers, for further information,  contact Mark Herr of The Midsouth Tea Party, mdherr@midsouthteaparty.org .




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