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Posted August 27,2012

A Review from Square Books*

Opening with a riveting account of his 1966 assassination attempt 2 miles outside Hernando, Mississippi, James Meredith's new book, A Mission From God: A Memoir and Challenge for America, rarely loses its grip on the reader captured by the voice that admits, "I befuddle people," averring that "I refused to be forced into a special category where I am expected to behave in certain ways and hold certain beliefs." The author (with William Doyle) ranges across a spectrum of history and events, including his genealogical history (an especially fine portrayal of his mother and father), his military career, his spiritual connection to Japan, his encounters and friendships with Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and others, the crisis surrounding his desegregation of Ole Miss (and encounter with the white woman who was in love with him), his career with Jesse Helms, all the while espousing his core beliefs about humanity, politics, and his principles of American citizenship. While the enigma of James Meredith ultimately remains, we know more of this man now than we ever have through the blunt honesty of this book, portrayed by the amazing and amiable character of James Meredith, as well as the utterly sensible and noble challenge that arrives at the end of the book. RH


Source: Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi


*Travelers, you may detour to Square Books here for more information. Also, Travelers, Square Books is located in Oxford, Mississippi, the city where the University of Mississippi is located. Its significance in Black History and American History  is that in 1962 James Meredith integrated Ole Miss; thus, laying yet another foundation of school integration not only in the South but in the entire country. We salute Mr. Meredith for this achievement.




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