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One More Attempt at Denial, Before the Fight Starts!

By Jay Thomas Willis,

Senior Columnist and Political Analyst

Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway

September 6, 2012 - Matt Bissonnette, a retired Navy SEAL, has written a new book entitled, No Easy Day. It is the first account by a member of the SEAL Team 6 that carried out the stealthy nighttime assault of the May 2011 raid on Osama bin Ladenís compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, which killed Osama bin Laden. The book is due to go on sale this week. Several copies have earlier been distributed. Bissonnette wrote No Easy Day under the pseudonym Mark Owen.

The news of the book comes with much controversy, just days after another group of former special operations forces launched a Web site, and released a short film criticizing President Obama for what they said was his administrationís exploitation of the raid for political gain. They said Obama was taking the credit that belonged to the SEALs.

            On CNN, another man from this SEALs group said that Obama wasnít responsible for the raid on the compound, but it was the SEALs who were responsible.  Again, he indicated that Obama was using the raid on the compound for political gain.

            Others in the Special Operations Command have expressed concern that there is a trend to use the special operations Ďbrandí as a part of a political or special interest campaign. Some of the Republicans have also indicated that Obama was taking credit for an activity that rightfully belonged to the SEALs.

            But no one would expect the President to physically go in and Rambo the hit himself. That is like asking him to serve as janitor in the White House. His Job was to give the order. It was his planning and strategy at the highest level that lead to the raid. Being Commander-In-Chief there is, as with all military operations, a chain-of-command. President Obama is the highest in that chain-of-command.

            The idea is that if one is Commander-In-Chief, and something happens under your watch, you are responsible for the outcome of the event. You canít take the Commander-In-Chief totally out of the equation.

When President Carter failed in his attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran, the military was not blamed for the failure. It was Carter who was blamed. But now when President Obama is successful some want to deny him credit.

            It seems that Republicans are trying to use the whole situation to deny Obama his rightful political accomplishments. They say the SEALs did the work, why give Obama the credit. The Republicans are being political because they donít want to give President Obama any advantage in the November election.

            The whole idea is for Republicans to discredit Obama in any way they can. They want to say that he is not really in charge of the country. Some of this has to do with his race, and the attempt to deny that a Black man could be in charge of the countryís future. Some of us still donít want to admit that a Black man can truly run the country.

            No matter what Obama does, the Republicans deny that he has done anything good for the country. The only thing I ever heard any of them admit that was good on the part of Obama was the extirpation of Osama bin Laden, and even then they gave some sort of disclaimer or qualifier. Everything Obama does the Republicans accuse him of some underhanded political objectives. One man said, and I believe as well, that everything you do in society has larger political implications.

            Republicans keep lying about Obamaís accomplishments, as if the people are not intelligent enough to know themselves what he has accomplished. We can be sure that President Obama, if nothing else will hold steady, while Romney will take us back in time. Romneyís policies will mostly benefit the rich.

            I must give Obama his due, in spite of his naysayers he has been a strong leader. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, flexible, deliberate, decent, honest, calm, cool, and collected; itís hard to rattle him. This is the kind of man we need to have serve and be in the position of President of the United States of America.



*The above is on the Black Paper lane on the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE. Mr. Willis is the author of twenty-three books, fifteen professional journal articles, a number of magazine articles, and over 300 newspaper articles. His books can be reviewed at www.jaythomaswillis.com .  Email him at jaytwillis@gmail.com  or MSTnews@prodigy.net or BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net .




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