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Why Black Women Are Treated Better Than Black Men*

By Jay Thomas Willis

Senior Columnist and Political Analyst

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

(November 16, 2012)

I donít mean to start an argument over whether Black women are treated better than Black men in this society. Such an argument or debate would be useless, because both Black men and women are severely mistreated, disrespected, and discriminated against. Some would say thereís a simple explanation: Black women can meet some basic needs of other groups. This is part of it, but Iím not sure itís that simple. ItĎs like children in a family, theyíre usually treated the same, but in most cases one will be the favorite. Thereís always the favorite, and in this case Black women are the favorite.


            Some say when it comes to jobs, Black women are treated with more respect than Black men. It is felt by some that women are less threatening than men. This implies that Black women will yield to the authority of other groups with less resistance. Theyíre more likely than Black men to go along with the program. Women also satisfy two minority requirements: both female and Black.  In some situations, I have heard an employer ask a Black employee to find a Black woman rather than a Black man for a particular position. Itís apparent that more Black women are gainfully employed than men. Too many men walk our streets aimlessly, look at soap operas, or play video games for the better part of the day.

            Itís known that more Black women attempt college, and more graduate college than men. I would hazard to guess that Black women generally have higher grade point averages. Some feel that our Black boys are degraded from discrimination all along the way, so much so, that some are too discouraged and demeaned to be successful at college. Others say Black women are more likely to engage in the process of preparing themselves for college.

            Some scholars suggest Black men are a threat to other groups when it comes to genetic annihilation. They say Black is dominant when it comes to reproduction. So other groups try to get as many in prison, on drugs, in mental institutions, to succumb to homosexuality, and to achieve their demise in some way. The more Black men other groups can destroy the less they have to contend with. So naturally, if they spend all this effort on crippling them, they arenít going to institute programs to help them survive. In fact, theyíre going to do everything possible to achieve their continuous destruction.

            It all started in Africa. Since other groups came to the shores of Africa they have had access to Black women. Other groups usually didnít bring their women on voyages when they went exploring. But men always have a need for women, usually any race they can get. African men didnít fight excessively over sharing their women with other groups. And other groups took advantage of whatever women they could find after a long voyage. African men didnít correctly estimate the threat these other groups posed. These other groups found Black women desirable, and has naturally treated them better than Black men because of their utility.

            During the Middle Passage Black women got even closer to these groups, because of easy access. Other groups thought nothing of bringing slave women on deck, and taking them to their cabin. Some of the women even conceived. Many of the women were raped, while some recognized the futility in resisting, and gave in to the menís desires.

            In slavery many women had duties in the main house. These were easily accessible to the master and his family. Some of these women were closer to the master than his own family. Black women nursed the masterís children, took care of members of his family when they were sick, cooked his food, and at times made his clothing. It was not only the masterís house but their house, family, and plantation. They in many cases thoroughly identified with the master. The master wasnít limited to the women who had duties in the main house. He had the run of the women on the plantation.

            In some cases the master would go out to the slave cabin and put her regular companion out, and have his way with the slave. All the companion knew to do was pout. Since slaves were not legally married to one another, the master felt no obligations to adhere to any code regarding relationships. This brought the master and the slave woman very close, and they have been close ever since. Again, the slave in many cases even conceived the masterís children.

            During and after slavery, the male slave was severely punished for any discovered clandestine relationship with females of other groups. Other groups continued to have open relationship with Black women. Many Black women survived because of their dependent relationships with men of other groups. The nature of this dependent relationship has brought Black women and men of other groups closer. In many cases, Black women are dependent both directly and indirectly on other groups. When she has major needs to be satisfied she has to appeal somehow to these other groups. When her husband abuses her, who does she appeal to? When she wants a loan from a bank, who is she most likely to appeal to? When her child has a problem in school, who is she most likely to appeal to? When she needs counseling, who does she go to? She most likely has to rely on the benevolence of men of other groups.

            Naturally, when women of one group enjoy this kind of intimacy with men of another group, the women are going to get better treatment than their men. The conquerors always have and always will enjoy the spoils of victory.


The above is on the Black Paper lane on the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE. Mr. Willis is the author of twenty-three books, fifteen professional journal articles, a number of magazine articles, and over 300 newspaper articles. His books can be reviewed at www.jaythomaswillis.com .  Email him at jaytwillis@gmail.com  or MSTnews@prodigy.net or BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net





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