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More Than Just a One-Night Stand

By Jay Thomas Willis

Senior Columnist and Political Analyst

Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway

One-night stands are old as civilization itself, many people get involved in such activities, and some have been wounded badly by getting involved. It’s better to avoid such situations, but we’re often tempted to take advantage of opportunities to have such flings. If we’re not careful that one-night stand could last much longer than one night, and be responsible for undue hardship. One can never be sure how long that one night stand is going to last.

 You never know if you’re going to get involved with a stalker, a religious fanatic, a devil worshiper, a general freak, or some other of the various types that are represented in the streets. The one-night stand can be fun, exciting, and with a sense of mystery that fulfills many of our social and psychological needs. But don’t forget about the down side of this experience.

            When you walk into a bar or nightclub and she’s sitting there with that black-mini dress rising high on her thighs, with the appealing long-scissor-like legs; or a red dress with a split up the side showing her smooth-tantalizing thighs, her chest revealing much cleavage, it’s tempting—especially when she has that come hither look that is meant for fools just like you—like she’s been waiting for only you all night long. She is also classy, sexy, hot, and seemingly sophisticated. She is also easily approachable.

            It gets even better when she falls in your arms after a brief conversation, says she’s bored, and asks you to take her home, or to go to her place or yours. It’s difficult to resist when she then demonstrates that she has had one drink too many, and can only get home with your help. It seems harmless enough to take her home for a nightcap or to a motel.

            When that handsome gentlemen walks into a bar or nightclub with an expensive, custom made, European tailored suit; a gold Rolex watch, alligator shoes, and matching accessories; looking like he just stepped out of GQ Magazine. After an enjoyable evening tells you his Lexus is parked outside. It’s even more tempting when he is humorous, intelligent, witty, delightful, and charming. He impresses you with his credentials and smooth way of talking. He could be the “Black night” you’ve been waiting for all these years.

If the truth be told, such individuals are probably lonely and vulnerable, and practically anyone would do for the night. Before you get involved you had better be sure you have similar values. That one-night stand could turn into days, months, or even years. If it does you could be in for some turmoil, once you get into a relationship.

            If the person is a religious fanatic he or she might be capable of going into tirades about you not living right, being a sinner, or going to hell. The person might pressure you to adopt similar values concerning religion, since most Christian religions emphasize that two people should be equally yoked. A stalker might start following you, coming to your house unannounced, sending you unwanted emails, texting you, calling you on your cell or home phone, or parking outside your window at all ours of the night to keep tabs on you. A devil worshipers can send you through all manner of persecution, and it’s unimaginable what some general freaks might send you through.

            If you decide to have sex with someone you meet in a bar, nightclub, or any place else, be sure you take precautions. Unprotected sex is too risky, you might contract something that will be with you forever, or even cut your life short. Not to mention an unwanted pregnancy might occur. This may sound strange, but many unwanted pregnancies have occurred from one-night stands. Never underestimate the powerful motivation of the sex drive. Some individuals will momentarily forget about the future all for that one night.

Be especially careful what you do under the influence of alcohol. Some individuals will pretend to be inebriated just to reach the ultimate objective of getting you in bed. Others will get drunk deliberately so they don’t have to think about their promiscuous behavior. 

Even a short-term relationship can demand that both people have similar religious values, a similar background, enjoy similar things, and have similar objectives in life. If a relationship is going to last for a while these things are absolutely essential.

Be sure if the relationship turns into more than just a one-night stand that you first take the time to get some background information. The relationship should be tentative until you get this information. Where does the person work? Where do they live? Do they have another relationship? What is their general attitude? What is their level of education? What is their family background? What is their religious background? What is the history of their relationships with other individuals? Such questions are important to know before getting involved with a person. Sometimes these questions are hard to get answers to, but believe me you will be better off if you do a little in-depth searching. Your general well-being might depend upon the answers to these questions.

            Otherwise, you might have an incident that you don’t want to occur: similar to what Michael Douglas and Glenn Close experienced in “Fatal Attraction.” Where Douglas was married but let himself get carried away in the heat of passion, and was subsequently heavily pursued and stalked by Close.

Most people go to bars and nightclubs to find a companion, drink, or meet and talk to friends. It’s better to stay out of such places unless that turns you on, but be especially careful of the one-night stands so commonly lurking there.

The above is on the Black Paper lane on the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE. Mr. Willis is the author of twenty-three books, fifteen professional journal articles, a number of magazine articles, and over 300 newspaper articles. His books can be reviewed at www.jaythomaswillis.com .  Email him at jaytwillis@gmail.com  or MSTnews@prodigy.net or BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net


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