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Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson: Cases of Programmed Self- and-Other-destruction

By Jay Thomas Willis

Senior Columnist and Political Analyst

Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was investigated for allegedly offering a bribe to previous Gov. Rod Blagojevich for the position that Obama once held as Senator from Illinois. Nothing was ever proven in this regard, but soon after the accusation Jesse Jr. spent some time in Mayo Clinic for bipolar disorder. Some might conjecture that he was trying to avoid a conviction on this charge.

            He still won his re-election bid in November 2011, but resigned after two weeks. He pleaded guilty to mismanagement of campaign funds; after spending more than $750,000 dollars in funds to buy luxury items like a Rolex watch, memorabilia, children’s furniture, and many other goods. Jesse Jr. faces up to five years in prison. He served as Representative of the 2nd Congressional District until he resigned last November. It’s believed to be the largest amount ever involving mishandling of campaign funds.

            Sandi Jackson, the wife of Jesse Jackson Jr. was Chicago’s 7th Ward Alderman until she stepped down in January. She faces up to three years in prison, and is charged with filing false tax returns for six years.

            It seems these two individuals are clear cases of programmed self- and other-destruction. Whereas Jesse and Sandi may be a son and daughter of privilege, being Black, they have not escaped the psychological programming most Blacks undergo. They may have escaped many negative situations because of their family name, but have had their share of discrimination, prejudice, racism, bigotry, and degradation; as well as had certain negative experiences passed on to them by their parents, relatives and significant others. As Black individuals they cannot completely escape these things in this society. Regardless of privilege most Blacks enjoy a common experience in society. Although, most people would say the usual Black experiences don’t apply to this family.

            The African-American story represents one of the greatest survival stories of earth’s history. For them to experience the cruelty, brutality, and wickedness they encountered, and survive the experience with any amount of collective or individual sanity is a near-miracle. However, that survival experience didn’t occur without its consequences. In fact, there were long lasting consequences which continue to affect African-Americans today.

            It’s felt that many of the well-known present and past problems of the African-American family originate from its having been assaulted—physically and mentally—for over 4,000 years. This war upon Africans and their culture has brought about the phenomenon called programmed self- and other-destruction.

            This syndrome is manifested by the fact that no matter what individuals may achieve educationally, economically, psychologically, socially, or politically, they’re predisposed to act at some point, sooner or later in a manner that’s destructive to themselves or others. Few escape this detrimental process, and only vary according to the individual.

            Blacks were consciously and unconsciously programmed from their first contact with other groups to become destructive to themselves and others. They have continued to be programmed on a daily basis to manifest this self- and other-destructiveness. After having been programmed for self- and other-destruction, many African-Americans will either seek to destroy themselves, seek out a relationship with someone who is likely to extirpate them, or find a specific vice that will ultimately prove deleterious.

            In many cases these behaviors can occur separately or simultaneously for any one individual. We also must realize this self- and other-destructive behavior can be manifested in many different ways. For example, suicide, homicide, drug abuse, destructive relationships, ethical professional problems, gambling, perverse sexual behavior, and a variety of other destructive behaviors, are just a few of the many ways in which this behavior can be demonstrated.

            Conditions in Africa prior to slavery, the Middle Passage, slavery, and post-slavery has all affected and continues to affect the behavior of Africans in America. Many Africans in America have succumbed to this syndrome. They rise so high and then they fall. Such people as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, James Brown, Redd Foxx, Marion Barry, James Baldwin, Marvin Gaye, Max Robinson, Ben Wilson, Wilt Chamberlain, just to name a few have fell prey to this syndrome, the list is endless. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson are only two of the latest to fall victim to this situation.

            It shouldn’t be difficult to grasp the intensity of this programming process, and how it has promoted self- and other-destructiveness in Africans in America. Each day the news is permeated with information about the deterioration of our families, communities, and institutions. The African-American family is in a state of war, and it won’t get better simply by doing nothing. The time for action is now!

            Each family member must be responsible for deprogramming him or herself. Contrary to popular opinion, things haven’t improved for the masses of people. African-Americans should not delude themselves into thinking that things are going well.

            The greatest percentage of families is presently experiencing very serious difficulties, similar to those experienced during the first invasion of Africa centuries ago. Things have improved for a few individuals, but the system is designed that way. Even in slavery a few Blacks were doing well. We must ensure that the overwhelming majority of our families are strong for the twenty-first century. Without a strong and viable family, we cannot expect to have well-functioning individuals. Without well-functioning individuals, we cannot expect to have strong and viable families.

            Jesse Jr. and Sandi won’t be the last to be afflicted by this syndrome, but in order to get a tight grip on this situation we must begin somewhere. We must discontinue the process of programmed self- and other-destructive behavior. The only way to do this is to use utmost care in encouraging our families to re-program themselves toward more constructive behavior.


The above is on the Black Paper lane on the Black Information Highway and The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE. Mr. Willis is the author of twenty-three books, fifteen professional journal articles, a number of magazine articles, and over 300 newspaper articles. His books can be reviewed at www.jaythomaswillis.com .  Email him at jaytwillis@gmail.com  or MSTnews@prodigy.net or BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net



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