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By Jay Thomas Willis,

Senior Columnist and Political Analyst

The Mid-South Tribune

and the

Black Information Highway

Richton Park, IL, July 16, 2012 - Many things can threaten Obama’s potential for re-election, but the one thing that can derail him more than anything else is the lies that are constantly being told by newspapers, radio stations, television stations, politicians, and pundits. They keep saying things off the top of their heads that are obviously not true, and they can’t prove them. The problem comes in when Obama doesn’t take them seriously enough to refute them. He seems to be the perfect gentleman, and will let these things slide. When he doesn’t say anything he is underselling himself.

            People are sometimes naïve. When there is no refutation they think these things must be true. They don’t stop to evaluate what is said. I can understand Obama’s position; he probably feels that what these individuals say doesn’t deserve the dignity of a response, and is not enough to get defensive about. This perspective fits in with his social and educational background.

            Obama played it the same way in the 2008 election, but it’s believed that this one is going to be closer than that election; I believe that he needs to be more definitive about his position in 2012.

            Politicians and pundits have spread many lies about Obama, and the media is not quick to dispel them. The politicians tell lies to look good and for Obama to look bad. Some statements are factually wrong, and politicians and pundits know they are wrong. But if no one responds to the allegations, I guess all is fair in the game of politics. Such statements as, “Obama is trying to take the country backward,” “Obama wasn’t born in the United States,” or “Obama had complete control of Congress for two years and couldn’t get anything accomplished.” Such statements are wrong.

            Some statements are simply outlandish lies, such as “The stimulus created no jobs,” “Obama expanded government more than any other president in history,” or “Obama is a Socialist.”

            Romney attacks Obama with lies that are factually untrue on a daily basis. He does it because he knows Obama’s style, and he knows Obama frequently pays no attention to these statements. Romney’s strategy is to throw a series of fast punches without allowing Obama to counterpunch. But Obama should be careful Romney doesn’t get too many jabs in before he counterpunches. He thinks he can get away with it, because Obama unless in a debate is seldom defensive. Also, once someone makes a statement it’s before the public for their evaluation. But the one way to balance off the statements is to counterattack. If someone tells a lie on you, and you don’t defend yourself, people will naturally tend to believe the lie.

            Dr. Monica Crowley, a noted pundit and scholar, says in her book, What the (Bleep) Just Happened? “Obama has subjected us to insanity. He has committed grand theft of our optimism. Obama has violated the constitution. He has stunted the economy. Obama is trying to redistribute wealth. He has quadrupled the national debt. Obama doesn’t believe this country is an exceptional nation. He intends to bring down America a notch or two. Obama has duped us with the idea of hope and change. He has set Blacks against whites, and rich against poor.” Most people will find these statements totally absurd. I find most of what she says fatally wrong.

            Politicians especially, will continue to attack in this manner until Obama fights back. They are like a bully on the playground you must bloody his nose, before he is going to discontinue his tirades against you. The bully doesn’t think you’re going to fight back, and has usually cased you out before he chooses to pick on you. If you don’t respond with violence the bully will keep pounding you. In this case politicians will keep hammering at Obama’s weak point—the fact that he doesn’t respond to their negativity.

            We listen to the lies politicians tell about themselves and others, and allow ourselves to be taken in by what they say. It seems strange that year after year we allow ourselves to be duped by the lies political candidates tell us, all the while trying to get our vote. Many of them make promises and never keep them. Once they get in office it’s difficult to hold them accountable. Can you remember George H. W. Bush’s promise not to raise taxes, and almost immediately did so? Robert Dole promised to cut taxes by 15% while balancing the budget. It would have been an impossible task to do so. When politicians get elected they seem to feel the public will forget their promises. Since George Washington, many presidents and other elected officials have made numerous promises they didn’t keep.

            Remember David Crocket’s (Congressman 1928) advice to people running for office: “Promise all that is asked for, more if you can think of anything, offer anything. Promises cost nothing. Say no to nobody. Once elected, it is absolutely necessary to forget all promises before being a thoroughgoing politician and patriot,” as stated by Ryland Merkey on WYCC Channel 20 in the “American Adventure Series (The Jacksonian Persuasion).”

            Generations of politicians have faithfully followed this practice. It worked in 1828 and it continues to work today. Many politicians feel as David Crocket did, and will lie to you if necessary to achieve their political objective.

            Usually it’s a matter of whose promises we’re going to believe, and voting is one way to influence the political process in one’s community and the nation.

            We can’t afford to be fooled by what politicians say about themselves or others, but we must go on their past record. The proof is always in the pudding. Be leery of the lies politicians and pundits tell.


Mr. Willis is a Senior Columnist and Political Analyst for The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE and the Black Information Highway. He is the author of twenty-three books, fifteen professional journal articles, a number of magazine articles, and over 300 newspaper articles. His books can be reviewed at www.jaythomaswillis.com . Email him direct at jaytwillis@gmail.com .





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