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by William Larsha, Sr.

The question then is why is there oneness in America for African people, yet no oneness of African people in America?   The answer can be found in two words:

No Coalescence-- meaning, no coming together to grow together into one state of existence of togetherness. With the respect to coalescing (growing), we African people can better understand through Kwanzaa principles, “Who” we are; “What” we are;   and “Where” we are.



The solution to this problem of “oneness can be brought about, in part, through the principles of Kwanzaa.  And  listed below are listed five good  opportunities which  can  be  advanced  through  the  principles of  Kwanzaa.                                       

(1)        The opportunity to recognize as a matter of   Fait Accompli (fa-ta-kon-pli -- a thing done and no longer worth opposing) that the synthesis analysis approach for achieving extrication is essential. Synthesizing is paramount for the establishing permanent unity UMOJA with purpose NIA. 

(2) The opportunity to recognize the benefits that can be derived from “coalescence.” African  Americans,  through Kwanzaa,  have the opportunity to come together to grow together into a distinct “oneness” – into biological and sociological “sameness,” and into an ethnic state of existence (belonging) to which all African Americans must be identified.  Coalescence can be fully achieved through KUJCHAGUILIA, consciousness of self-determination.

(3) The opportunity to recognize that “status quo African American” initiatives through collectivism can be far more effective   than initiatives through   the individual “status quo” of anointed leaders. This is to point out that through “co-emergenism” success must not result from the emergence of a single leader, but from the co-emergence of African Americans themselves, directly, involved in bringing the initiatives (plans for action) into realization.

One of the historical problems among African people is that of accepting and tolerating false leaders; that is, accommodators and imitators locked into attitudinal and judgmental situations which cause them to misrepresent the “true will of African people to acquire access to real economic and political opportunities.  Just like there are false prophets   in   religions,    so   are   there   fictitious leaders in civics.

Awareness  of  Kwanzaa  as  a  holiday  has  not  merely resulted  from  the  emergence  of  the  energetic work  of  Dr. Karenga,   but    rather,    from    the   co-emergence  of  all African American participants in Kwanzaa events across America.

Co-emergenism encourages the creation of collective leadership for purpose – NIA, and collective work and responsibility – UJIMA,  which  involves  the  emergence of  action  by  the  mass  of  African Americans. Quote Jesse Jackson in 1984, “To make America better.  To keep America strong.” – Effectiveness is the purpose, NIA.               

(4)  The opportunity  to recognize our  ability  to declare that all African people of America are African Americans, and that “African America” is not a “state in exile,” or a “nation-in-a-nation,” but  the  ethnic  state  of  existence  to which all African people of America, by virtue of being, do belong, and must belong in unity – UMOJA.


(5)  The   opportunity   to   accept   the   philosophy   of coexistence as their synthesis analysis approach to achieve extrication from their predicament.  America is a nation composed of   many of racial and nationalistic groups of   which   African   America   is   but one   group who   should   be   striving   through (KUJICHAGULIA) self-determination to become   substantially effective in   collective work and responsibility (UJIMA) as well as through cooperative economics (UJAMAA).

Each part, (racial, ethnic or national part) through creativity (KUUMBA) and faith (IMANI), will orchestrate effectiveness for itself, and for the whole America.  This means  that  KUJICHAGULIA) within  collective  efforts, should be the paramount  purpose (NIA) of (UJAMAA) cooperative economics and effectiveness in all African American  initiatives,  not ineffectiveness  by  any  means.            

A finger, cut and paining cannot offer to the hand   the  kind  of  effectiveness  as can  the  finger  not cut  and  not  paining.                          

All and all, preparing to extricate themselves from their America predicament, African Americans must use the best initiatives advanced by the integrationists; “separationists;” and the advocates of co-existence.

They, “We,” must first think coalescence – together to grow together into a distinct state of existence – Ethnic African America.  Secondly, “We” in the process, must honor the concept of “co-emergenism:” that lasting success must result from the co-emergence of the         mass participation of African Americans involved in African people’s initiatives. Thirdly, “We” must honor effectivism: that African Americans must be “effective” in their endeavor so as to assure effectiveness for both African America   and   the whole   America.


Finally, African Americans must understand the wisdom in the Kwanzaa principle of UJAMAA; that is, cooperative economics and responsibility. What comes to mind, immediately, is the Biblical story of JOSEPH,  the story which tells the African American leadership to build warehouses.  

The  story  of  Joseph  is  an  economic  lessons – not  a  civil  rights  parable,   What  does  it  tells  us?   Produce  goods  that  will  sale;  store  goods  that  will  keep;  distribute  goods  that will  market;  and  honor  the  goal  to “produce   jobs,  instead  of  begging  for  them.”      

Ideas related to Coalescence, Co-emergence, effectivism, and cooperative economics should be conversational issues during Kwanzaa, especial if we African people are to become a togetherness people - a “oneness” people.  To quote Dr. Karenga, “`Kwanzaa is not merely a holiday, but a way of life.  It is a family affair.  It is the time when African people should get together and give thanks and enjoy the blessing of living and acting together as a family.”

            Lastly, let me give praise  and if I may extol Dr. Nkosi  Ajanaku who, (1) not only started Kwanzaa in Memphis, but (2) who is glorified for making African Americans aware of the economic opportunity provisions for  African  people  in  the  War-on-party  act  that   led  to a minority business movement in Memphis.  (3) Dr.  Ajanaku  in 1986  proposed  to  Memphis government a  “program  to  build  30,000  homes  for    poor  people  which  is  now  public  policy.  (4) He started  the ethnicity movement among African people in the Memphis area, (5) He initiated  the Ajanaku Family adopt-a-school  program,  and  (6) finally  Dr. Ajanaku  initiated  in  Memphis  what  is  now  the  internationally famous  celebration,  Memphis  “Africa  in  April.”   

Thanks for Kwanzaa  Dr.  Nkosi   Ajukaku.                                                                               


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