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*Editor’s Note: With all the hoopla that is going on about adultery, William Larsha, Sr. decided to bring out one of his columns from the 1999 archives of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway.


By William Larsha, Sr., Political Analyst

The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway

Please note.  To illustrate certain points in this article, there are certain ‘‘lines’’ from books, ‘‘titles,’’ from songs or movies, or ‘‘sayings’’ from other mainstream writings.  Example: ‘‘My Way’’ - the song.  ‘‘This case deserves a place in Black History.’’


The President Bill Clinton impeachment efforts should have never   been prosecuted    in the manner   in which   U.S.  House   managers deliberately conveyed fabricated accusations that sex crime   greatly threatened the national security of   the   country.                                  

For  the  sake  of  We-The-People, always  expressed  in  national polls;  for the  sake  of  the Presidency;  and  for  the  sake  of  fait accompli,   the  case of President Clinton and his sex life   should  have concluded   before  it  got  started.    But the  principle  agitators in  this  case   were  super  obsessed  -  like  they  were  on  a mission  to  huff  and  puff  and  blow  the  House  down.                                                          

What  these  players  did  do, however,  is  bring  forth  a   new   implicit   sex   language   for  both   youth   and   adults,    and   at    the    same   time  introduced   a   new    inquisition  (witch  hunting)  period  for  avenging  icons  to rub out – for the purpose of doing away  with  sex  sins. 

The big question really was, "Who benefits?"    The audio, print, visual media?  The top principle players?   Or the  chief   prosecutor,  Kenneth  Starr, who  turned the case  over  to    the  U. S. Congress  after  so  obstinately   being  “all   that   he   can  be”  while  singing,   I  did  it  my  way.                                                            

To   begin,   the media,   of   course,   did   benefit:    more   primetime   advertising   spots;   an   increase   in   listeners,    readers, viewers   and   higher communicative   ratings.    In   the   visual media,    new   TV   stars     were    born    on     the     spot.    None    however     were      African American. 

But  be  that   as  it  may (was),   the  media  did  well  in  following   and   covering  the   Clinton/Lewinsky    case.   It   made   some   folk sad, some    glad,   and    others     mad.     Yes,   the   media.     And    it    should   be    cheeringly   commended    for   showing and   for   telling    the    general    public   what is, what was, and   Que Sera   Sera. (Whatever Will Be, Will Be - song)

But  first,  members   in   the  clergy  should  seriously   initiate   action   that  will  surely  Christianize  Christians   and  de-hypocrisize hypocrites.          

One would   think    that    the    Clergy, which was   armed    with     a   repertoire   of concerns, should    have   greatly    benefited.     But the Clergy guardians,   seeking   the   President’s   doom, seemed to have    been   slickly   using   the   Clinton/Lewinsky case to ease on down the yellow brick road and advance their fundamentalist advocacy;    and    at   the    same time,   dreaming of   a forthcoming theocracy - Governance   of    the   Clergy,   by   the   Clergy   and   for   the Clergy.         

Moreover, the Clergy in its sex cleansing mission  made  the mistake  of  using  nostalgic  inferences  to  prove that  “once- upon-a-time” there  was  a morally   pure untainted  White  House. But the White House  itself  may  be  forever  tainted  because  its  first   two  Presidents were not only adulterers, but by  having  sex  with slaves were also, in de facto, white collar rapists.

In full agreement, nevertheless, there is a real   need for meaningful moral standards to be meaningfully established.  But first members of the Clergy themselves should seriously initiate action that will surely Christianize Christians and de-hypocrisize hypocrites. The out front guardians among the   Clergymen if not Clergywomen, must first stop - refrain from sanctimoniously singing, Give Me That   Old Time Religion.   

Republican kingpins did not benefit either.   If  anything,  those Republicans  out  to  get Clinton,  ‘the  President,”  only   proved   through “flag   waving   and    Bible   raving,”   that   their    kind    of    fur-splitting (hair-splitting   as  per  more)  was  far   less   believable   than claims of hairsplitting in the President’s answers about sexual impropriety.  Republican prosecutors in    the U. S. House of Representatives, which,    incidentally among them, were no females (only 13 all White males go-getters), literally doomed themselves    to    failure   by bouncing around   like choirboys   singing,   Hail!   Hail!   The Gang’s all   here! and, Isn’t    Nobody    Here   But Us Chickens.

However, had the Republican kingpins reaped success, the stage would have been set for   them   to   control   not    only     both Houses in   the   U. S.  Congress   forever, but   controls   the White House as   well   as control    governments   in   all   states,   counties   and   municipalities   across the land.   "Look Mom. We Are The World."                                                    


Remember the Duke Ellington classic:  “Things   ain’t   like they   used   to   be.”                                                       

But unknowingly   perhaps,   the   Clergy   and  Republicans  in  their   effort   to  remove  Clinton  from  office,   did   bring   the   subject  matter  of  sexual  misconduct  to  center stage  like  never  before.   And by  all  but  declaring  sex   sin  is a  capital  crime,   they   ushered  in,   for  detailed    scrutiny,    the   well   shielded    history   of    how    the    male    gender    has   been   mistreating    the    female    gender.   The    ongoing   custom  in  this,   the  American   way,  had  always  been  that   the  male  gender   was   within   his    rights   to   dominate   the    female  gender.

So when the anti-Clinton people traveled through  many  months  of    highlighting   sexual   impropriety,  they   were,  at  the   same   time,  raveling   through  months   of  cultivating   a  new   understanding   that  male    gender    is    no   longer   endowed   with   some   absolute   power   causing   females   to  submit   to   them  as   would   some   un-broken-in  horse  back   on  the  ranch.

Remember    the   Duke   Ellington classic: Things    ain’t    like they used to be.

Once    upon   a   time many females    could    not   own    property; could not hold    elected   public   offices;   could   not   be a court   judge; and   could   not   officially    interpret    the   Holy   Bible   or   the   Sacred Koran.  “It’s   a   man’s   world."                                                                                              

Being   aggressive   to   obtain   personal   gratification,   the   male gender   in    the   past    would    resort    to   such   behavior   as   coercing, encroachment,    intimidation,    and   blackmailing.     And   to  maintain  control  over   the   female   gender,   macho   man   would   turn  to  sexual  harassment,   wife  beating,   female  abuse,  date  rape,   and  even  white  female  slavery.   “Who the man?’’    “Who the man?”

Thus  and  due  to  the  efforts  of   the  principle  players   in  their  quest   to   remove   President  Clinton,   females   everywhere   without   a doubt   will   benefit   the  most   from   the   Clinton/Lewinsky    case.

Sex   sins, now, is all but   a   capital crime.   “He   that   is with out   sin,   cast   the   first   stone, or the   first   rock.   The first   pebble?”    Today,     the    sexual    wrongdoings    of     the     male    gender   are      no   longer   shielded.   Almost   any   sexual   wrongdoing   that   occurred    10,   20,  or  even   30  years  ago,   can   surface    and   disfigure   the  character      of    the   most  “True   at    heart”    politician.                                                                                                                           

 Suddenly, “Macho   Male” is   the   victim   of    the   very   Sodom   and    Gomorrah     type    behavior    that    made    him   what   he   is   and   what   he should   not   be.   And also suddenly,   the   male   gender is in deep trouble    as   the   “politically   preferred    class” in   this   America   for   a    more   perfect     union.    And as   it    is   now,    only   God knows how   hard   it   will   be,   in the   future,   to   find “A   Few   Good   Men.”                                                                                             

Furthermore, Republican kingpins are so accustomed to honoring patriarchy as the right kind   of governance until they undoubtedly lost sight of matriarchy (governance by females).  Their    handling of the Clinton/Lewinsky case opened the door so wide until even the least politically    inclined female group can “Walk Right In” and bring forth a new government of females, by females,   and   for females. With certainty, some leaders of women organizations   are reading this song:          At Last – ‘‘Now that’s Etta James.’’      

            Yes. Chances for females to become Presidents, U. S.  House Speakers, and U. S.   Senate   Presidents in early   next century  have been  made   possible  -  thanks to Macho males   whose   behavior    as  of    recent    has    visibly    provided    female    politicians    the    freedom    to   taxi   up  the  runway  singing,    I  Believe  I  Can  Fly






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