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Johnson Publishing Company Plans to Release a Commemorative Edition of JET and a Major Editorial Tribute in the February EBONY issue on Nelson Mandela

CHICAGO (December 10, 2013) — Johnson Publishing Company, LLC (JPC) is proud to announce that JET magazine will release a special commemorative issue on Nelson Mandela and a special editorial tribute to the legend in the February issue of EBONY magazine.


Both magazines will pay homage to Mandela through a unique collection of stories and photographs dedicated to memorializing an individual who changed the course of history.  This leader’s sacrifice is globally unprecedented, and his incessant legacy will never be forgotten. 


Inside the JET commemorative issue, readers will find:

·         A celebration of the life, accomplishments and legacy of Mandela

·         Exclusive images of Mandela, including photos of him with notable figures such as Whitney Houston, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jackson

·         A timeline of key moments in Mandela’s life and career

·         An outline of unsung heroes and corporations who supported Mandela and took a stand to end apartheid in South Africa

·         Commentary from a variety of leaders, including remarks from Oprah Winfrey on how Mandela impacted her life


Inside the EBONY tribute issue, readers will find:

·         A reflection on the life of Mandela

·         A photo spread from the EBONY archives

·         Stories of Mandela’s experience in prison

·         An account of the apartheid  protests

·         Articles on how Mandela was a revolutionary, a hero and a legend by notable figures such as Michael Eric Dyson, Jesse Jackson, and Randall Robinson


EBONY.com and JETMag.com will also feature:

·         A compelling retrospective and obituary of Mandela

·Must know facts

·Real-time reporting from South Africa

·         An unduplicated photo gallery on the life of Mandela


JPC has approximately 1,000 original images of Nelson Mandela, covering his life from his presidential inauguration to his various travels in the United States and other countries.  The CBS program, omg! Insider, will showcase many of the never before seen images on Tuesday, December 10th.  To view the segment, viewers must check their local listings or visit omg! Yahoo!  Photos are also available to the public at the EBONY store on EBONY.com.



About Johnson Publishing Company, LLC

Johnson Publishing Company (JPC) was founded in 1942 by John H. Johnson and is a lifestyle company inspired by the African-American experience. JPC is the preeminent publisher of EBONY and JET magazines and the parent company of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The company has had an unparalleled impact on Black America and reaches more than 70% of African-American adults annuall




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