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Memphis, TN


Posted October 15, 2012


Memphis, TN - Today, October 15, at 3:00 PM Monday, October 15th the Memphis Bus Riders Union will be demonstrating on all corners of the intersection of Poplar and Cleveland in support of the One Cent Gas Tax Referendum. Bus riders will be picketing at the intersection, passing out information on the tax and recording video testimonials about problems associated with the 50 Poplar bus route.

For more information, contact Bennett Foster at 901-210-3768 or email him at fosterbennett@gmail.com .

According to the City Council, all funds raised from the one-cent tax are required to go towards funding public transportation. This tax would raise between $3–6 million of additional funding for MATA and the badly broken bus service we currently have.

The Memphis Bus Riders Union will demand that the money raised from the gas tax goes only towards the most urgent needs:  more routes, more buses, more frequent service--including evenings and weekends, better bus maintenance, lower fares, and improved MATAPlus service for customers with disabilities.

Additional funding provided by the gas tax can make the bus system better for the 40,000 daily riders who are almost all transit-dependent and low-income people. Additionally, improving the bus service will also entice people with cars to leave them at home and take the bus, which will reduce pollution and traffic, helping the environment and contributing to making Memphis a more ‘livable’ city.


Travelers, contact Bennett Foster at For more information, contact Bennett Foster at 901-210-3768 or email him at fosterbennett@gmail.com .


Travelers, email your Memphis news to: MSTnews@prodigy.net, BlackInfoHwy@prodigy.net, midsouthtribune@gmail.com


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