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American Songwriter Full Album Premiere - Mykul Lee - Fortress

Album out June 5, 2012

FREE MP3 on American Songwriter


May 1, 2012 - Hollywood, CA - Muli-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Mykul Lee is set to release his forthcoming full length album entitled Fortress via The Fortress Records on June 5th. Mykul, a Hollywood CA by way of Oklahoma based musician has been recording in his home-based studio since moving to California in 2003. Starting today you can check out the full album, Fortress streaming on American

Mykul Lee's began playing music at the age of five, starting with piano and as a teen he played drums around his native Oklahoma in various bands. He moved to LA to pursue a music degree but soon found himself wanting to just play music and instead decided to build a home studio and start recording. Largely reclusive to the studio, he has released an EP and 2 full lengths, yet has recorded and hoarded hundreds of equally complete tracks. Mykul's ambivalence toward seeking attention for his prolific personal recordings often leaves his subtle and delicate songs unduly overshadowed by his roles as producer and musician on other projects (Pluto, Maniac, Oh No Not Stereo, Dream Vessel, Vanessa Valli, Fortress Social Club, the Royal Heist).


Mykul began his newest release, Fortress, in his home studio before taking it to the legendary Sunset Sound where he enlisted additional production from Max Coane and a cast of friends to replace some of his home-recorded elements with their own interpretations, in many cases, improvised on the spot.  Though an accomplished drummer himself, Mykul often records drummer Elmo Lovano (named #8 on the "Drummers to Watch in 2012" feature in Rhythm Magazine), who played on the tracks Crazy Like Me, and Loving Arms. Sergio Flores added flutes and saxophone, which both nod toward the lush records of singer/songwriters Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, while injecting a progressive 70's psychedelia to the 2-inch tape recording. The result is Mykul's most layered release to date.  Rife with hushed melodies nodding toward another Los Angeles transplant and studio escapist, Elliot Smith. Mykul's escapism often manifests lyrically in the form of songs of yearning and devotion, which intimate his dependence and devotion toward music itself. Mykul is currently constructing a studio, also called the Fortress, in downtown Los Angeles.


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