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Travelers, see Plant-Based Food Festival flyer for handout and more information

Posted May 31, 2012

Memphis Plant-Based Food Festival Set for June 22-23

Memphis, TN -  The City of Memphis will host its first Annual Plant-Based Food youth to encourage healthy living at a young age. There will also be an emphasis on green living including a recycling center available at the festival.

The Plant-Based Food Festival will be promoting its “eating healthy is living healthy” theme at T.O. Fuller State Park located at 1500 Mitchell Road on Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd from 9 am—9 pm each day. Tickets are $5.00 with youth under 12 free.

Attendees are asked to bring non-perishable to historic T.O. Fuller State Park on June 22 & 23. The park is located in Shelby County within the southern limits of the city of Memphis and with its abundance of local flora and fauna from the Mississippi flood plains to its high and overshadowing bluff ridges makes this area an ideal place for the first Plant-Based Food Festival.

Attendees can look forward to informative speakers and topics, interesting food demonstrations, delicious food vendors, unique craft vendors, and health focused “edu-tainment” including music and poetry. There will also be activities for the vegetarian/vegan food items to the Plant-Based Food Festival to donate to one of Memphis' Feed the Homeless organizations that care about what they feed those that are less  fortunate.

1st Plant-Based Food Festival Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

Speakers and Food Demonstrators

Balewa Bayete—Raw Food

Bro. Franco Taylor– Right Stuff Health Sys-tem

Camille James—Pre De-tox

Injeri Imani– Green Living

Adam Guerrero– Bee Keeping and Worm Composting

Katherine Larsha– The Importance of Good Drinking Water

Mary Norman– Gardening

Phu’Cha– Natural Beauty

Bianca Phillips– Vegan Food Demo

Neb Nyansapo Noopooh– Meditation

Saa Bey– Raw Food

Nigel Simister-Vegan Food Demo

Other Highlights

 International Plant-Based Food Court

 Eco-Friendly & Hand-Crafted Vendors

 Food Demos & Speakers

 “Live” Edu-tainment

 Youth Arts & Crafts Booth

 Vegetarian Cook-Off

Among numerous food vendors are DeJaVu Creole & Vegetarian Cuisine, Memphis; Balawea's Raw-Vegan Gourmet, Memphis; Saa Salom Bey Raw-Vegan Foods, South Carolina; OC Vegan Foods, Pastires & Juices, Memphis; and Kherpera Raw Vegan, Washington , DC .


Travelers, you may download flyer to pass out and for more information.




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