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Endorsements of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway in the Shelby County General Election on August 2, 2012 in Shelby County, Tennessee

Cong. Gwen Moore Applauds Permanent Injunction of Wisconsin Voter ID Law - Posted July 19, 2012

Black Preachers Back Postal Hunger Strikers

President Obama's Remarks on Historic Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care - full text

Quotes and Statements - Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

Statements from Congressional Black Caucus on Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling - June 28, 2012

Chairman Cleaver's Statement on the Supreme Court's Rejection of Key Provisions of Arizona's Immigration Law

"Memo To Romney" by Raynard Jackson

Voices for Sudan Reacts  to Expulsion of NGOs from Eastern Sudan

"Why Cleaner Air Also Means Better Jobs" by U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander

TN State Sen. Kyle Calls for Food Tax Cut, Tuition Freeze in Tennessee

"Don't Close the Door" by William Larsha, Sr.

Editorial: Trayvon Martin

Endorsements in the Memphis Municipal Government (October 6, 2011) (archive)

"Why Many Black Communities are Depressed" by Jay Thomas Willis

Black Information Highway Blog



 "America Should Denounce This Stuff" by William Larsha, Sr.





Issues in Color

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