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Bishop T. D. Jakes and Oprah on new 'Lifeclass' on May 11, 2014 (Photo Credit Harpo Studios, Inc./George Burns)

Steep Your Soul on OWN


Bishop Bobby L. McCarter will host Tennessee Titans Running Back Coach Sylvester Croom at The Annual Bobby L. McCarter Scholarship Banquet on Feb. 8, 2014 in Crawford, Mississippi - See details in story or to print edition. (archive)

The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway sports correspondent Ashley Braun interviews Titans Running Back Coach Sylvester Croom (Photo: TN Titans) who will speak at the Annual Bishop Bobby L. McCarter Scholarship Banquet on February 8, 2014 - See story or  go to print edition

Oprah Wraps Up Super Soul Sunday on Dec. 22, 2013 with Maya Angelou, George Lucas, India Arie,  Kerry Washington and others! (archives)


2014 Trumpet Awards Nominees Announced


Oprah interviews Rev. Al Sharpton on Nov. 17, 2013 (archive)

Oprah Winfrey Brings Bishop T.D. Jakes' Megafest to LifeClass on August 29, 2013 (archives)

Jennifer Hudson, Steve Harvey, Vickie Winans among those to headline 2013 MegaFest (archive)

T.D. Jakes Brings Largest U.S. Inspirational Festival Home to Dallas, scheduled for August 29-31, 2013 (archive)

Rev. Bernice King to be Featured on Newseum's Civil Rights Exhibit for 50th Anniversary March on Washington - posted July 25, 2013

March on Washington 50th Anniversary Lane

"There's Power in God's Word; Speak It and See" by Minister Sherry Ivy  - posted July 12, 2013

"Trying to Keep My Sanity in a Politically Correct World"  by Dr. James L. Snyder - posed July 12, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III Announce Details for the 50th Anniversary March on Washington - posted July 9, 2013

There's Power in Speaking Word of God, by Minister Sherry Ivy

"Blessed Are Those Who Hunger" by Michael Neuroth - posted June 12, 2013


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Vernon Ashe Interviews Historical Figures on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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