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Democratic Blackness vs Republican Blackness by Ezrah Aharone

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry issued the following statements on Caitlin Halligan and Ambassador Gutman and President Obama on Israel  (Dec. 6, 2011)

Mitt Romney Announces Support of Tennessee Congressmen Jimmy Duncan, Diane Black and Phil Roe (December 5, 2011)

Razing Cain by Raynard Jackson

Raynard Jackson on BIH

Alexander: “There Is No Excuse Whatsoever” for Not Debating Spending Bills - Posted July 19, 2012


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Endorsements in the Memphis Municipal Government (October 6, 2011)

American Jobs Act Bill

American Jobs Bill submission to Congress

American Jobs Bill Act Sectional Analysis

Jobs Act Speech - September 8, 2011

Jobs Act Fact Sheet Adobe PDF Format

To New York Redistricting Testimony in PDF Format

LDF Testifies at New York Redistricting Hearing






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