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By William Larsha, Jr., Columnist/Sports Reporter


The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

MEMPHIS, TN- With a hard fought 88-84 win over the Thunder on May 15, 2013 in Oklahoma City, the Memphis Grizzlies advanced to the NBA Western Conference Finals for the First time in team history. The Grizzlies will now face top seeded San Antonio Spurs for the right to advance to the NBA Finals. 


When the team arrived in Memphis from Vancouver 12 years ago, not many thought this feat possible. The team struggled through several bad seasons, numerous coaching changes, and fan apathy before reaching this, its highest success level ever.


The Grizzlies have reached this point by playing tough defense. They have the NBA's Defensive Player of the year in Marc Gasol. They have First Team NBA defensive player Tony Allen holding down the perimeter. And the team defense has helped them win most every game this post season. Even when the team is not shooting well, which is often, their defense keeps them in games.


Equally important to the team's success is their ability to win at home. Since February 5, the Grizzlies have lost only one game in Memphis. They are 5-0 at home during the playoffs making the Grindhouse a tough place to play for opponents


The Spurs and Grizzlies are familiar foes as they play in the same division during the regular season. The Spurs have seen the Grindhouse many times. However, with a trip to the Finals on the line this time, the Grizzlies hope the Spurs see a Grindhouse they have never seen before.