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Ex- Klansmen vs. Ex-Felons

By Sue Billings

Can someone please help me understand how Mr. Robert Byrd became Senator Robert Byrd after openly confessing to being an ex-Klansmen?

Where is the honor of allowing him to represent citizens when he was once a person that hated people because of their skin? This isn’t an honor; it’s hypocritical that he was even allowed to become a Senator.  He admitted to being ashamed, and rightfully so, but there are still today ex-felons that are ashamed of their past that are still unemployed or have feeling of hopelessness because they are never forgiven by society.  So the double standard continues to impair young men of color long after they have served their sentencing, but a man that once was a member of the Klan rises to the top – very disturbing.

If only young ex-felons, that wanted to turn their lives around, would have been given the level of forgiveness that this man received, perhaps they too would have been successful in reaching a dream that to most seems impossible.  It just goes to show society that, when we forgive and see potential how far a person can go.  Men of color have lost so much potential because of the lack of society to forgive them for being boys.  Foolishness is caught up in the hearts of children, and if society would have saw people of color as a contributor to society, they too could have become Senators, and / or accomplished other goals.  It’s proven by Robert Byrd that you can have a scarred past and be successful, but then he wasn’t a person of color – huh?

Society’s un-forgiveness of ex-felons that wanted to be different, wanted to change is today’s volcano eruption in the form of continued crime.  When you suppress one, you harm all – we are a nation of diversity, scarred past, broken promises, lost dreams, and painful memories.  But if we continue as a nation to ignore the whole, we in part will be affected by it all.

“Just my opinion, just my thoughts, just me being me”