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Posted October 24, 2011

Dull “Charlie's Angels” Sent to Cancellation Heaven; “Unforgettable” is Unforgettable; “Terra Nova” Worthy of More than Dinosaurs; Still Missing “Human Target”

            We felt the 21st Century “Charlie’s Angels” was in trouble when one of the ‘Angels’ did an interview on ABC’s Good Morning, America and gave away what would have been a pleasant surprise. That surprise had to do with the new Bosley. On the first episode, we saw the camera pan across a scene (It could have been nightclub or beach. Frankly, we can’t remember.) and it briefly stopped on who we thought would have been “Bosley” – a burly happy guy in the mode of the 70’s Bosley. Had not little miss big mouth clued us in that the new Bosley would be buffed, handsome and sexy, we would have appreciated the camera toying with us.  The second big hint of trouble of this 21st Century version of TV “Charlie’s Angels” was when an “Angel” was car bombed in the first ten minutes or so of the show and was later replaced with a new Angel. First rule: You do not kill Angels; Angels cannot be killed. Besides, the script was all over the place. Executive producer Drew Barrymore (a descendant of that great Barrymore family and E.T. fame) did an awesome job of lifting from the small screen a high throttled 21st century version to the big screen, but couldn’t deliver on the small screen. But you have to wonder if Drew, as one of the producers, wanted this version to make it or maybe she didn’t have as much of a hands-on connection as she should have. Someone should have whispered in Drew’s ear that when you dare to re-create what is now a television iconic series, you had best get a cast with chemistry and super well-written scripts. Even Miss Clairol couldn’t fix these women who exuded personalities with a dryness of leftover shampoo.  But there might be a glimmer of hope for these three non-descript actresses: If Jessica Lange could make a comeback after a remake of “King Kong” whose to say there isn’t a diamond in the rough on this attempt? However,  but if there is another attempt to take on the 70’s Angels, the folks behind it  had better know that it’s going to take more than using the name “Charlie’s Angels” to give it 70’s ratings. We like Drew, but bring out the handcuffs and get the mug shot ready. These Angels were forgettable.

            And speaking of ‘forgettable’, CBS’ “Unforgettable” is “unforgettable” with Poppy Montgomery taking on a role of a detective whose super Kryptonite photographic memory allows her to remember details with the ease of a real Superman or Superwoman who has the ability to see a needle in a haystack and remember exactly where 20 years later. We didn’t know if this one would have legs, but going into its third week, we really get a kick out of the reenactments and some of our policemen have tried to see what they too can spot before Poppy leaves the scene. It’s a sophisticated “Where’s Waldo” or “Clue” or one of those games where , you know, you have to find what’s out of whack with this picture. Now, don’t forget “Unforgettable” is a take off on a very serious piece CBS’s 60 Minutes did on people who really do possess this ability-- like in real life. Actress Marilou Henner of the old Taxi series has—yes, we mean like in real life, this gift/curse. Henner was one of those interviewed on “60 Minutes” which had to have been the inspiration for “Unforgettable”, which is evidenced by the fact that Henner is a consultant for the series. Yep, we believe you can look at this ability as both a gift and curse and that’s the dilemma in which Poppy’s character finds herself. If the folks can keep the script on a higher level (as they have been so far), this one could become a TV iconic classic in the mode of Perry Mason, Colombo, and Murder She Wrote.  And it’ll be nice to see a gifted modern day sophisticated Nancy Drew. Poppy and the folks behind “Unforgettable” get a medal for creativity and chutzpah for this one! Poppy, you go, girl!

            Yes, we admit it, we switched off “Dancing with Stars” and went straight to Fox’s “Terra Nova”. So far, most of our policemen have brought out the popcorn and opted that “Terra” is our movie experience right at home. So far, this one is not the run-of-the-mill dinosaur movie.  “Terra Nova” is really, really good – better than we expected.

            But for the life us, we still can’t understand why Fox decided to screw over “Human Target”. If the Foxy folks hadn’t jumped “Human Target” around so much that it became a ‘target’ for viewers to find, the series might be with us. We wished “Human Target” had decided to go online.