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Posted June 19, 2012


Recently CBS and ABC have been in a legal brouhaha over Glass House and Big Brother. Glass House is the newly created series on ABC and allegedly a “Big Brother” rip-off, or so CBS has accused, stating that the two shows are too similar and that this similarity would hurt Big Brother. However, after viewing “Glass House” last night (June 18), we policemen can understand why the judge didn’t bother with CBS’ paranoia and denied the Eye-Network any kind of injunctive relief, opening the doors for Glass House to make its debut. And its debut can only be described as ‘glass’. Glass that can be shattered because if the series is going to be anything like last night’s opening act, the ‘real’ Big Brother should be laughing all the way to the top of the Nielsens.

Some of our TV policemen have watched Big Brother from day one and they pretty much can see that Glass House is breakable. Its houseguests are so over the top that it seems as though they all emerged from a high school play of wannabe actors. It wouldn’t do any good to tell them to “break a leg” for good luck. The luck pretty much ran out once you met this group.  It was probably for this reason that the first Glass houseguest quit before the show ended. Now that’s got to be a record of some type for reality series. The second Glass houseguest who was slated for “eviction” along with the quitter had been given orders by an interactive audience to be the worse villain in the history of a reality series. This guy took his assignment from the audience so literally that he went around the house like a pesky ‘little brother’ getting on everybody’s nerves—including those of us watching the tube. Most every fan of reality series in this ilk knows that a villain- you-love-to-hate unfolds his/her mechanizations slowly, naturally, and with intelligence, a commodity that seems to be lacking with most of these houseguests.

       The one thing Big Brother has learned over the years is that you can’t let any idiot who wants to be on TV walk in just to have his/her 15 minutes of fame. Reality games (whether you are a fan or not) are just like any other games: It’s about the game players and the game. There’s chemistry in putting players together (in any game on board or in flesh) which has to work.

            However, CBS should be arrested for making a false arrest on ABC. Clearly, Big Brother was not threatened!

            If we change our minds, we’ll let you know. But from all indication on Glass House the chemistry just ain’t workin’, and whatever former Big Brother producers or staffers who turncoated and hightailed it over to the  ABC’s Glass House apparently couldn’t have contributed too much if this is all they could come up with. The glass house is pretty, though.


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