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Posted December 26, 2012

Travelers, to Beale Street New Year Photo Gallery

WKNO Presents Live  2013New Year's Eve Show

on Beale Street

MEMPHIS, TN - Once again this year, viewers in the Mid-South and region will be able to ring in the New Year from one of the most famous musical streets in the world, Beale Street in Memphis, TN, the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock & roll.

WKNO is producing LIVE! Beale Street on New Year's Eve, which will be presented live on public television stations throughout Tennessee and Mississippi, as well as several other stations throughout the country. This live broadcast, which airs Monday, December 31 from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on WKNO/Channel 10, will be hosted by WKNO's Jim Eikner, former Memphis TV anchor Michelle Robinson McKissack, and WKNO-FM host Rob Grayson will also be featured as the "street reporter."

The broadcast will provide a unique look at the rich history of Beale Street with live interviews and lots of great music to welcome 2013, in addition to the traditional countdown to midnight with fireworks and the Giant Guitar Drop. The celebration continues after midnight.

Viewers are also invited to like the "Beale Street on New Year's Eve" Facebook page and post great New Year's Eve memories, New Year's resolutions, photos of their celebrations, and more.

LIVE! Beale Street on New Year's Eve is sponsored by Performa Entertainment and The City of Memphis.

This unique New Year's Eve celebration captures the flavor, the sounds, and the story of Memphis' Beale Street. Viewers will be treated to live reports from the street, a survey of the acts currently performing on Beale, and an introduction to the Legends of Beale.

"We welcome this opportunity to share the culture, the music, and the excitement of Beale Street this New Year's Eve," said Michael J. LaBonia, WKNO's President and CEO. "And we're proud to be able to share this live experience with viewers across the region."

In addition to airing on public television stations in Tennessee and Mississippi, LIVE! Beale Street on New Year's Eve is also being offered to public television stations throughout the country through the National Educational Television Association (NETA).

WKNO is a non-profit, private foundation serving the Mid-South for more than 56 years. An important community resource, WKNO uses the power of non-commercial public broadcasting to provide the Mid-South with quality educational and cultural programs that inform, entertain, and inspire. For more information: wkno.org.





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