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Oprah Winfrey with (L-R) Lee Daniels, Forest Whitaker and David Oyelowo (Photo Credit: © 2013 Harpo Studios, Inc.)

Los Angeles, CA – Oprah Winfrey sits down with fellow cast members from “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” including Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker & David Oyelowo along with Academy Award-nominated director Lee Daniels, on an all-new episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” airing this Sunday, August 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. 

In the interview, Oprah, Forest, Lee and David discuss the making of the highly anticipated feature film, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” which will be released nationwide on Friday, August 16.  They talk about filming in New Orleans with an all-star cast including John Cusack, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jane Fonda, Terrence Howard, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Robin Williams, James Marsden, Alan Rickman, Vanessa Redgrave and Liev Schreiber and how they were able to depict the journey of one man, Cecil Gaines, who served eight presidents as the White House's head butler. Plus, viewers are taken behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look at how Oprah was aged to appear 95 years-old for her character.

EXCERPT: Forest Whitaker: This Movie Is How We Protest

Oprah: I read somewhere that you said, Forest, that this movie is about how we protest.  What did you mean by that?

Forest: I mean, there's different ways of protest.  And I think, more importantly, I should have said it's a call for us to recognize that we need to stand up at times for issues and social injustice.  This man is doing it by his mere presence.  Sometimes by your simple presence, you can shift an environment.  It’s a part of a movement.  And then you have what David does, this brilliant work that David does.

Oprah: Our son, in the movie. 

Forest: Our son.

Lee: Yeah. 

Forest: He's protesting actively. He's aggressively acting but he's searching for his protest because what he understands what you see in his character is, is that he has to state something.

Oprah: What is so fantastic to me about this film and I didn't realize it when I was doing it and I certainly didn't see it when I read the script and I could feel some of it but exactly what you're saying is true about the protest that different people had their own ways of protesting and that in our culture we celebrate those whose names made the history books. 

EXCERPT: How Butlers and Maids Paved the Way for Oprah and Forest Whitaker

Oprah:  None of us would be sitting here today had there not been the maids and the butlers, none of us would be. So now what’s your response to that? 

Forest:  I agree. You know, just taking aside the part of whether we should look at this occupation in a negative way in the first place, of whether it has a dignity of service that we need to recognize.

Oprah:  Yes. And that -- that in the way that we portray this family and that you so successfully bring the character to life with Eugene Allen through Cecil Gaines is, is that look at the heart of that. Look at the strength and the power and the dignity that we held as families everyday that's what is so amazing to me.

Forest: I think what's brilliant about what you did and what was brilliant about your performance is again you're showing the struggle, your alcoholism, your issues with you know not in your affairs and things like that. You're showing what the struggle is with internalizing what the real struggle is through your, through your character.

EXCERPT: Actor David Oyelowo Describes His Mother's Reaction

David:  So my mom, she doesn’t know how to delineate between reality and what happens in the movies. So, for instance, when I did this film “Red Tails” she saw it and this big historical film and I thought mummy, what did you think?  “I do not like this movie.” 

Oprah:  <laughs>

David:  I said why?  “Why do you have to die? Why do you have to die in this movie? I don’t like what Hollywood is doing to my son.”  So I was like is that all you got from the two hours of the movie. “I do not like this movie.”  So then there was another film I did called “Small Island” with Naomie Harris, again, a beautiful film called “Small Island.” And we play husband and wife in it and there’s a bedroom scene in it. 

Oprah:  Yeah. 

David:  Beautiful film. Mummy, what did you think of the film? “I do not like this movie.” I said, why? “This is promiscuity and fornication on the film. Does this actress know that you are married.” So that is what I dealt with that. So you can imagine when I’m thinking when I’m about to tell her that I’m going to do this film and Oprah Winfrey is going to play my mother. I’m expecting a similar reaction. I said, mummy, okay, someone else is going to be playing my mother in this film. I said, and it’s Oprah Winfrey. She goes, “Oh, this is perfect. This is absolutely perfect.”  

<group laughter>

David:   So that’s a big compliment to you. 

Oprah:  Yeah, I got mother approval from your mother. 

David:  Yes, you did. That’s great. 


About Oprah’s Next Chapter:

“Oprah’s Next Chapter” is the award-winning primetime series featuring Oprah Winfrey as she steps outside of the studio for riveting, enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families. “Oprah’s Next Chapter” is produced by Harpo Studios.  Join the conversation on Twitter using #NextChapter.



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