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Robin Talks About the Year’s #1 Summer Hit “Blurred Lines” and the Controversy Surrounding his VMA Performance with Miley Cyrus


Oprah Winfrey and Robin Thicke (Photo Credit: © 2013 Harpo Studios, Inc.)

LOS ANGELES, CA October 10, 2013 – Oprah Winfrey sits down with R&B pop singer Robin Thicke on an all-new episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” airing this Sunday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. 

In the candid interview, Oprah and Robin discuss the year’s #1 summer hit "Blurred Lines," the controversy surrounding the song and the worldwide attention he received following his VMA performance with Miley Cyrus.  He also talks about collaborating with hit-makers will.i.am and Pharrell and how “Blurred Lines” has reinvigorated his enjoyment for performing on-stage.  Robin also opens up about his high-profile marriage to actress Paula Patton, what he calls “healthy jealousy” in their relationship and being a father. 

EXCERPT: Robin Thicke on the Miley Cyrus Twerking Controversy: "It's Silly"

ROBIN: This is funny to me. It's silly.

OPRAH: You didn't think of it as sexual?

ROBIN: Well, I was on stage. I didn't see it, you know, so to me I'm walking out towards Miley. I'm not thinking sex. I'm thinking fun, you know?

OPRAH: Yeah.

ROBIN: I mean her and I don't have that kind of --

OPRAH: But she's twerking up against your --

ROBIN: Just remember I'm singing --

OPRAH: -- Your cojones.

ROBIN: -- I'm singing my butt off so I'm sitting there. I'm looking up at this guy and I'm singing. I'm not really paying attention to all that. That's on her. I'm like people ask me, you know, do you twerk? I go, listen, I'm the twerkee. I'm twerked upon. I don't twerk myself, okay? I'm just twerked upon.

EXCERPT: How Robin Thicke's Wife Really Felt About the "Blurred Lines" Video:

OPRAH: How did your wife feel about that? How did Paula feel about that?

ROBIN: Paula is a -- is a wonderful artistic partner.

ROBIN: She'll go right for supporting the art and then she'll be a jealous wife. (Laughter.) You know --

OPRAH: Because I saw her on the red carpet. I saw her on the red carpet saying it was art. It was fun. It was campy.

ROBIN: She comes up with most of the album covers. Most of my video concepts. She's my creative guru. My partner.

OPRAH: She's your muse.

ROBIN: My muse. It was no different when this happened. I told her the idea. She immediately started grabbing all these magazines and coming up with images and ideas that we used in the video. So that's just who she is. Of course once you see the video back and you see your husband romping around with three topless girls, you know, there's gonna be some jealousy, the same way I get jealous if she's doing a love scene or something.

EXCERPT: Robin Thicke on His 20 Years With Paula Patton:

OPRAH: So how have you made that work in this world in this culture in Hollywood?

ROBIN: (Laughter.)

OPRAH: How in the world does that work?

ROBIN: Is that a trick question?

OPRAH: How in the world?

ROBIN: You know, like I said, it's -- you pretty much take it one day at a time. The one thing I've realized about loving somebody is you have to love them every day. Like people think, oh, I'll get to loving you on Saturday. Or I'll get to -- I don't have time this week. I don't -- and the thing is that people are changing every day. Their thoughts. Their desires. Their insecurities change every day.

OPRAH: I heard you describe it recently as the most functional dysfunctional marriage. What does that mean?

ROBIN: Just meaning that we're no different than any couple out there.

OPRAH: Yeah.

ROBIN: And we have our fights. We have our -- our problems. But somehow there is this big bang theory that just pulled us --

OPRAH: Yeah.

ROBIN: -- pulls us close to each other and we are madly in love and can't quit each other.


About Oprah’s Next Chapter:

“Oprah’s Next Chapter” is the award-winning primetime series featuring Oprah Winfrey as she steps outside of the studio for riveting, enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families. “Oprah’s Next Chapter” is produced by Harpo Studios.  Join the conversation on Twitter using #NextChapter.



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