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Don't Close the Door!




By William Larsha, Sr.,

Political Analyst and Columnist

The Mid-South Tribune and the

Black Information Highway


I knocked on the golden door of a well decorated Pearlie Gate at the entry way to the kingdom of Heaven. And as the door opened, there stood a tall Angel smiling.

 ‘‘Welcome to heaven,” he greeted.  ‘‘But before entering,” he stated, ‘‘there are five questions you must answer correctly.

“The first question he read is this. ‘Do you believe in the Holy Bible?’’’  


‘‘I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God Almighty.’’ 

‘‘Do you believe in the miracles in the Bible related to the birth and death of Jesus Christ,’’ the Angel asked secondly?

"I believe that Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. I believe in the resurrection.’’  

‘‘You answered the first questions correctly,’’ said the Angel. ‘‘Now for the others.’’   

 ‘‘Do you believe in the joint teachings in the Jewish and Christian religions?’’ 


‘‘I believed in Judea-Christian teachings.’’


‘‘Do you believe in special rights for special groups,’’ the Angel asked. 

 ‘‘I believe in rights for women. I believe in rights for Blacks. I believe in rights for Latinos.’’ 

 ‘‘You answered those questions correctly also,’’ the Angel cheerfully responded. ‘‘You may now answer the fifth question.’’   

 ‘‘Do you believe that marriage should be an exercise between a man and a woman,’’ asked the Angel?

 ‘‘I believe in same sex marriage.’’ 

 The door abruptly closed.        

 ‘‘No! No!  Don’t do that, Peter,’’ I appealed. ‘‘Don’t close the door on me?’’

Then there came a laud clicking sound at the right center of the door.  The door had locked.







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