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From The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway  February 2014 HBCUs Special Edition

StatFuse Offers Niche Portal  for College Placement for High School Students and Others


In the age of the Internet, getting into college isn’t what it used to be. Higher learning has become highly competitive and that means being placed in the right institution should no longer be left up to chance. StatFuse has developed an app to help give students a different slant on college placement for high school students.  StatFuse’s was created by co-founders Jeet Banerjee, Shawn Shah and Supan Shah.

            The company describes itself as “an online portal simplifying the transition for students applying to universities.”

            Its cofounders have developed an algorithm which instantly calculates a potential student’s chances of getting into college by sifting through the best prospects for him or her.

            This niche portal was launched in 2012.

            The operative word here is that StatFuse’s algorithm  ‘calculates’ the chances of what fits that student. It utilizes then customizes real data from college admissions offices of over 1,200 colleges in the U.S., including Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

  “After a student has answered all the questions, StatFuse instantly provides students with a percentage reflecting their chances for admission,”  the company literature reads, “We also create a report outlining the student’s strengths and weaknesses in their application. These are personalized tips given to each student that can help them increase their chances of getting accepted.”

     High school students or other potential college students can go to the StatFuse website at www.Statfuse.com


            For more information, or they can email to Jeet Banerjee at Jeet@StatFuse.com ; or Supan Shah at Supan@StatFuse.com





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