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Tennessee Titans’ First Turnover Leads to First Loss



By Ashley Braun, Sports Correspondent and Columnist

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Nashville, TN – Oct.6, 2013 - Fans expected shaky play from backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in his first start since being in Buffalo. Unfortunately for the Titans, the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs were able to capitalize on their offensive woes.  

The first touchdown of the game was a surprise to everyone, including the Chiefs. Tennessee held off Kansas City in their opening drive and forced Dustin Colquitt on to punt. The 40-yard punt fell short of Darius Reynaud and deflected off the heel of Damian Williams. Marcus Cooper recovered the ball in the end zone for a Chiefs’ touchdown.

Both defensive lines held their own throughout the rest of the first quarter which ended 7-0 in favor of Kansas City.

Early in the second quarter, Derrick Morgan and Michael Griffin caused Chiefs’ player Jamaal Charles to fumble. After a mad scramble, Titans’ Coty Sensabaugh recovered the ball.

At 8:08 of the second quarter the Titans were able to complete their first first down of the game. Former Chief Jackie Battle ran 37 yards for another big first down before Delanie Walker added 15 more for yet another first down putting the Titans at the 1-yard line.

Down by 10 and facing fourth and goal, the Titans elected to try for the touchdown rather than kick a field goal but were unable to break through the Chiefs’ defense.

Chiefs’ added 29 and 24-yard field goals in the second quarter expanding their lead 13-0 at halftime.

Heavy rain in the third quarter seemed to fall in the Titans’ favor. After scrambling up the middle for 26 yards, Fitzpatrick connected Chris Johnson for a 49-yard touchdown—the first Titans’ score of the game. On their next possession, Fitzpatrick scrambled 2 more times for a total of 12 yards to put the Titans in field goal position. Rob Bironas completed a 22-yard field goal putting the Titans within 3.   

On the Chiefs’ second and final possession of the third quarter, quarterback Alex Smith’s pass intended for Jamaal Charles was intercepted by Bernard Pollard. The final play of the third period came when Fitzpatrick was sacked by Dontari Poe for a loss of 7 yards.

The Titans kept hope alive though as Fitzpatrick made up for the sack on the opening play of the fourth period by running up the middle for a touchdown that out the Titans up 13-17.

Chiefs answered not long after with a touchdown of their own putting them up 20-17 with just over 5 minutes remaining in the game. Titans’ fans rallied behind their team cheering for a last minute comeback but an intercepted pass intended for Nate Washington led to a Kansas City field goal furthering their lead to 23-17.

With little time left the Titans offense took the field hoping to score a touchdown and win the game. However, the Chiefs intercepted yet another pass from Fitzpatrick and were able to add a 48-yard field goal to the board.

 Tennessee’s final possession resulted in a missed 32-yard field goal by Rob Bironas leaving the final score 26-17 in favor of Kansas City.

Titans go to Seattle next week before coming back home to face the San Francisco 49ers followed by a bye week. After which, they hope to see the return of starting quarterback Jake Locker who missed the first of several games with a sprained knee.

By the Numbers:

Titans gave up their first turnover of the season and it happened to be on their first possession of the game.
Running back Chris Johnson ended the game with only 17 running yards.
Ryan Fitzpatrick scored his 7th career touchdown run.
Tennessee went three-and-out in their first 5 possessions, not registering a first down until 8:00 minute mark of the 2nd quarter.
Chiefs are now 5-0-0 this season along with the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints.




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